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Taylor & Taylor Consultants Inc. is a unique performance consultancy specialising in Strategic HR Management, Competent Human Resources Management, Organisational Development, Occupational Health & Safety Management, Competence Management, Operational Excellence, Supervisory Skills, Technical Documentation, Pressure Systems Process Safety and Compressed and Cryogenic Industrial Gas Safety Solutions.

Utilising our expertise, we identify performance deficiencies, provide recommendations for improvement and deliver design solutions to a diverse range of industries – Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction.

Solutions are designed to enable clients to build organisational and operational capabilities, positive cultures, occupational safety and human resource management systems that, with COMPETENCE at the CORE, lead to safe productive working environments, operational effectiveness and business excellence.

Strategic Human Resources Management Competent Human Resources Management Organisational Development
Occupational Health and Safety Management Competence Management Operational Excellence
Supervisory Skills Technical Documentation Pressure Systems Process Safety
Compressed & Cryogenic Gas Safety & Training Competence at the Core  Vision, Mission and Values

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