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Taylor and Taylor Consultants

Taylor & Taylor Consultants Inc. (previously known as Teksol Industrial Gas Safety in Europe and the UK with Lizzie Taylor as the Chief Executive) first began working in 1996 with global giant BOC Gases (now Linde) in the area of industrial gas safety and safety training within all industrial sectors. By 1998, Air Products & Chemicals were our main clients, along with their customers. In 1999, we were repeatedly providing services to many global giants, including General Electric, Huntsman Tioxide, Shell E&P, Bombardier, Lafarge Tarmac; and to Roll-Royce Aerospace who engaged us for many years to come as their “Pressure Systems & Industrial Gas Safety Process Champion”.

Taylor & Taylor Consultants Inc., formed by Lizzie Taylor in Canada, is able to leverage off many years of knowledge, learning and experience in helping companies and organisations to make sustainable advances and is well placed to help any company or organisation develop the right levels of skills, competency, expertise and safety performance.

From the beginning, our success has been due to our belief that each of our clients requires a different approach, from situational gap analysis, solution conception ideas, design and delivery to assessment, verification and ongoing support. Whilst often more time is spent in the design and customisation phase (one client's programmes required tailoring for multiple divisions throughout the continent to ensure delivery outputs matched their expectations and requirements), it results in a directly relevant programme with learning, skills and competencies that will work for each area or client.

As workplace safety performance specialists, delivery of transformational behavioural safety programs and training, leadership development and cultural change programs are central to our services provision. We develop leaders who transform safety behaviours, enable due diligence and compliance. With a focus on organisational culture, day-to-day work practices and individual behaviours, we work in a systematic and integrated way to create and support sustainable, new, quantifiably safer and more efficient ways of working. This unique focus sets us apart from the competition and delivers value over and above client expectations.

As consultants, we've done this throughout Europe and internationally for many years.

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Taylor & Taylor's programmes are aligned with relevant standards, codes, bench marks and legislation, whilst creating the mind sets, skills and competencies required for a productive 'free from harm' healthy and safe workplace.

Located in Calgary, we serve clients throughout Canada, the USA and abroad.

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