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Competence at the Core

Core Competencies are those capabilities that are critical to our business achieving competitive advantage. We have analysed our Core Competencies and recognise that to succeed we must continuously focus on those and on all other work activities where individual and team competence within our business impacts the deliverables that we make to our clients.

Our focus on competence contributes to our client's experienced benefits and the value (or added value) of the service we provide. We are valued for our competence and only work with clients who share (or desire to share) in our determination that competence is core to safe, successful and profitable performance.

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Taylor & Taylor is committed to fostering a culture where competence and integrity is infused as the essence of everything we do in our business, with people, processes and clients. This means acting responsibly and competently as individuals, as a company and where each and every person is held accountable in a just, fair 'blame-free' environment.

When working with integrity, non-compliant behavior is simply not an option. We always do the right thing, even when no one is watching!

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