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Taylor and Taylor Consultants


Taylor & Taylor Consultants delivers services at a strategic, tactical and operational level direct to the client's site or wherever the solution is required. Whether you are looking for solutions in organisational development, human resources management, occupational health & safety management, competence management, operational excellence, compressed and cryogenic gas processes safety and training, or just needing a way forward to enhance individual, team or company skills, competencies or performance, we can help you.

Strategic Human Resources Management

Taylor & Taylor Consultants promotes the adoption of a proactive approach to Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) to lead companies and organisations into gaining a competitive edge and to creating sustainable competitive ...
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Competent Human Resources Management

Taylor & Taylor Consultants leads the way with innovative Human Resources and Learning & Development solutions based on our own competence to instil competence in HR and L&D functions. Astute companies and strategic leaders will ...
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Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) is a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness, achieving high performance and gaining competitive advantage, in which strategies are identified and then aligned to people and ...
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Occupational Health and Safety Management

Taylor & Taylor are specialists in improving occupational safety performance and do so by addressing a variety of aspects, including Behavioural Safety, Safety Leadership, Employee Engagement, Cultural Change and by putting in place a structure or system ...
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Competence Management

Competence can be described as the ability of every president, CEO, VP, director, manager, supervisor and employee/contractor to undertake responsibilities and perform activities to a relevant standard, to rules and procedures. It addresses the ...
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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence (OE) enables an enterprise or organisation and its leadership to continuously improve all aspects of performance to drive profitability and create growth. Taylor & Taylor can enable companies and organisations to transition through ... 
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Supervisory Skills

Does the scenario of poor productivity, far to many safety incidents and the finger of blame pointing at the supervisor or lead hand seem familiar? If supervisors have been placed in the role for which they're not trained, capable or competent ...
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Technical Documentation

Taylor & Taylor Consultants excel in the design, development and delivery of complex reports and technical documentation to support the products, services and requirements of our clients. We research, analyse and consult to author reports ...
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Pressure Systems Process Safety

Taylor & Taylor Consultants are dedicated to improving pressure systems process safety where industrial gases and cryogenic liquids are utilised. We apply our expertise competently and professionally so that clients may take the correct steps ...
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Compressed & Cryogenic Gas Safety & Training

Taylor & Taylor Consultants are a leading international supplier of compressed and cryogenic gas safety solutions and training services to end-users in a broad spectrum of different industries, processes and applications. We are acutely aware ...
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