Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) is a planned, systematic approach to improving organisational effectiveness, achieving high performance and gaining competitive advantage, in which strategies are identified and then aligned to people and processes.

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Organisations are facing complex performance drivers such as globalisation, innovation, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness and even customer centricity. These challenges require increasingly cross-disciplinary insight especially as much organisational practice still tends to be structured around narrow and specialist focuses. Inevitably this leads to a fragmentation of organisational capacity, capability and resources, which, in turn, impacts upon performance, effectiveness and profit.

There is a need to understand the implications that these circumstances have for both personnel, organisational processes and business success, and to prepare to meet the challenges they present.

Are you confident your organisation has the strategy and organisational capabilities, the leadership and managerial skills, competence and entrepreneurial appetite needed for the present and future? Taylor & Taylor Consultants have considerable expertise in delivering and supporting OD solutions and projects and can assist and lead the way.

shutterstock 45516433Many companies and organisations pursue the desired goals of organisational effectiveness, high performance and competitive advantage but do so in a shambolic series of chaotic interventions, and constantly are in the midst of significant changes that produce insignificant positive results. To often the 'inspirational vision' for the company or organisation gets created by the few, is ineffectively communicated and then receives little or no 'buy-in' from the many. Change initiatives subsequently may result in a successful change of procedures and structures, but are less successful and sustainable in changing attitudes, the ways of working, culture, effectiveness, cost reduction and increasing profitability.

Organisational development (OD) from Taylor & Taylor takes a specific perspective and delivers design solutions and expertise to address the 'challenge of change'.

As successful OD practitioners, Taylor & Taylor get involved in a variety of structured holistic approaches and interventions which include analysis of the present capability of an organisation, its performance criterion and results, organisational design, derivation of strategic planning outcomes and processes, competences and competency management, learning and development, leadership development, imminent and 'over the horizon' threats, employee engagement, culture change requirements, the management of change, coaching everyone for success, mentoring, performance management, talent management, human resources management, surveys, interviews, workshops and much more.

Organisational capability is about being able to change rapidly and effectively to meet emerging business requirements, and is the foundation for corporate success. In this respect, an organisational structure should fit (and continuously adapt to fit) the overall business strategy, governance model, processes, culture, and leadership and management capabilities.

shutterstock 89543410That may mean reviewing, and where necessary re-designing, HRM capabilities and processes, career development models, communication and coordination mechanisms, learning strategies, performance evaluation systems, and reward and disciplinary mechanisms.

In meeting performance challenges (threats), many companies and organisations are faced with the prospect of an era of austerity and a curtailment of actual and planned growth, with high levels of social and economic volatility (skills shortages). To stay the course, agility, innovation, versatility and resilience will be required; some entities will have to re-invent themselves and this means that they need to accelerate their internal learning curve, improve response times to organisational and business demands and ensure competency is the theme of the day, every day.

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