Human Resources Management

strategy2Taylor & Taylor Consultants promotes the adoption of a proactive approach to Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM) to lead companies and organisations into gaining a competitive edge and to creating sustainable competitive advantages. It's not all about having a better product than a competitor, as, failing to think, plan and act strategically with, in and around Human Resources Management could cause the 'product to market and profitability strategy and tactics' to fail. Then what? Strategy and strategic planning deal with the concept of creating “sustainable competitive advantages,” a capability that creates value for clients that rivals can't copy quickly or easily, and allows the organisation to differentiate its products or services from competitor products or services.

It's common for companies and organisations to operate the Human Resources (HR) function as a simplistic mechanism to simply recruit, pay and dismiss employees. If lucky, there will be no case for litigation or instances of dysfunctional employees being re-hired (it does happen and we know why!). Some companies and organisations, with a more 'sophisticated' capability, view the primary function of Human Resources Management (HRM) as being to operate an organisational management control model in an effort to ensure that the company has the correct number of employees with the levels and type of skills that the organisation requires, with control systems to make sure employees are working toward the achievement of the goals in the strategic plan. iStock 000007855150SmallThe really 'switched on' companies and organisations embrace HRM from a strategic perspective (SHRM), requiring all of the above, and that the Human Resources function play an active role in bringing about change in the organisation (Change for Success), change where employees are encouraged to achieve, safely and efficiently to the maximum extent possible through motivation, leadership, working environments analysis and monitoring, through to organisational changes that work to improve job satisfaction, retention and attain lower levels of absenteeism.

Think of SHRM also in terms of striving to get to a point where 'every employee treats the company as if it were their own, working hard and working SMART to ensure the success of the entity as a whole.

Strategic Human Resources Management Vice Presidents (VPs), Directors and Managers of Human Resources who are successful generally possess high Intelligence and Emotional Quotients (IQ and EQ) and, as qualified professionals, have been capable of leading and obtaining stakeholder buy-in to the way in which the business or organisation embraces the values and processes required to create employee engagement, fair and just environments where people know and feel they are valued, and will have developed a learning culture associated with attainment of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). More than ever before, HR VPs, Directors and Managers need to be part of the business strategic planning and decision-making team and processes, and therefore must employ their multidisciplinary abilities, honing their qualitative and quantitative strategic thinking and analysis skills (or gain them!), and be capable of confident, competent action where required, demonstrating due diligence, inspirational leadership and thus commanding followership and earned respect.


Of course, there is 'other' work required to be done by Human Resources but if the function is inundated with administrative work or with employee relations problems on a regular basis, they will not have the time to invest in collecting, collating and analysing data or metrics that is needed for strategic business planning, nor will there be scope to introduce improvements to processes or changes to the organisation. Human Resources professionals need to be outstandingly focussed on the priorities of the business and what their role requires of them, remembering that at all times they are required to assist and enhance all functions of the business (clients) through their professional, competent expertise as client service providers.

iStock 000025134676SmallGlobalisation and the challenge of managing workforces in many different countries present challenges and opportunities for Human Resources, as does managing risk. The global financial crisis has created an exposure to financial and business risks, leading the more astute, successful companies to pay more attention to addressing them than ever before. Managing these risks and outcomes relies on managing people, information (metrics, data, trends etc.) and processes more efficiently or even differently.

Taylor & Taylor Consultants can advice clients on all aspects of Strategic Human Resources Management, can facilitate workshops to guide Senior Leadership and Human Resources professionals along the route to successful Strategic Human Resource Management.

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